Msc. Monika Dežela Grkman (editor)

“The online media platform VM ●● 2020 is distinguished by its journalistic way, precise academic vigour and teaching philosophy. It depicts a way of communicating different areas from sociological, technical, psychological, economic or historical aspect. Our aim is to urge the general public to recognize the complexity of existing problems, evolutionary developments and future trends, understand them and respond appropriately. Being the source of independent, free access media coverage of credible and explanatory content that enhances a functioning democracy, we republish and translate the world’s leading online academic news on a regular basis. The idea is to create an online media channel that serves as a place for intelligent discussion. By contributing independent content based on scientific facts, we want to inform the Slovenian and the public worldwide in a constructive, respectful and considerate manner. We are supported by public as well es private entities which recognize the added value and healthy media ecosystem in our content full of ideas and solutions for the present and future. We will continue to strive for the portal to reflect ethical and transparent up to date periodicals with sufficient financial support to enable further fact-finding and reporting on research and explanations of complex problems.”

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